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It couldn’t be simpler.

1. Choose Account

Choose your account. The Account models range from $10,000 to $250,000.

2. The Evaluation

Trade your simulation account and reach the goal following the few rules.

3. Reach the Target

Reach the profit target within at least 5 days. Only one Evaluation step.

4. You are Funded!

Trade your funded account and earn real money. Pay it out at any time.

Choose your account




$109.00 $65.40 /Month

$109.00 $54.50 /Month




$169.00 $101.40 /Month

$169.00 $84.50 /Month




$139.00 $83.40 /Month

$139.00 $69.50 /Month




$239.00 $143.40 /Month

$239.00 $119.50 /Month




$299.00 $179.40 /Month

$299.00 $149.50 /Month




$499.00 $299.40 /Month

$499.00 $249.50 /Month


Rules & Guidelines

Follow only a few but necessary trading rules.

  • Min. 5 trading days

    Trade at least for 5 days. There is no maximum limit. You can take as much time as you need.

  • Max. lot size

    Do not exceed the maximum number of lots permitted for you. Each account has a different limit.

  • Max. loss limit

    Limit your risk and trade effectively. You must not fall below the trailing drawdown.

  • Permitted products

    You can trade all current CME products. Including the Micro Futures.

  • Trading time

    You have to close all positions no later than 3:15 PM CST. The trading starts again at 5:00 PM CST.

And that’s it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Nextproptrader offers by far the best conditions, both in terms of payouts and trading conditions. Traders are given ample freedom to express themselves and their trading style. Moreover, Nextproptrader is completely transparent and has no hidden fees or rules to complicate matters for traders, unlike many other companies that lure traders with the cheapest offers.

With Nextproptrader, you can restart your evaluation at any time and reset your account. Plus, you have the option to trade multiple accounts simultaneously. If you lose your funded account, you can repeat the evaluation.

No, with Nextproptrader you are not liable for any losses. If you lose your funded account, you can repeat the evaluation at any time.


You can trade with almost any common trading platform that can establish a Rithmic connection.


Yes, Nextproptrader offers an attractive affiliate program. You will automatically receive affiliate access after you create an account with us.