Start your trading career with the right partner!

As a large trading team in the heart of Dubai, we have a vested interest in continuing to grow our trader pool! Our goal is not to massively restrict traders with almost impossible rules, but to create the best opportunities for you. Therefore, we have created a program that is perfect for you and you can dispose of your profits without restrictions and at any time!

02. Benefits

Why Nextproptrader

Simple rules

We do not restrict our traders by too many and complicated rules. We want you to be able to follow your trading style to achieve max. performance.

Add accounts

Often traders want to trade their different approaches and strategists on different accounts and also have a higher leverage. With us, you can make that happen.

Profit share

We value our traders and focus on a long-term business relationship and therefore reward the traders' work with a profit share of 95%.

Rapid payouts

Nobody wants to wait long for their money. Therefore, we have introduced rapid withdrawals via bank transfer and Crypto. Payouts are made in a few minutes to 24 hours.

Track and manage everything with ease

Track your stats and stands via our dashboard. In addition to viewing account activity, you can directly make and track your withdrawals, as well as manage all your accounts. The best overview and ease of use is the main focus here.


Choose your account

25% OFF


$109.00 $ 81.75
  • Min. 15 Trading Days
  • Max. 1 Lot
  • 95% Profit Split
  • $600 Profit Target
  • $500 Max. Loss
25% OFF


$139.00 $ 104.2
  • Min. 15 Trading Days
  • Max. 3 Lot
  • 95% Profit Split
  • $1.500 Profit Target
  • $1.250 Max. Loss
30% OFF


$169.00 $ 118.30
  • Min. 15 Trading Days
  • Max. 5 Lot
  • 95% Profit Split
  • $3.000 Profit Target
  • $2.500 Max. Loss
35% OFF


$239.00 $ 155.35
  • Min. 15 Trading Days
  • Max. 10 Lot
  • 95% Profit Split
  • $6.000 Profit Target
  • $3.500 Max. Loss
40% OFF


$299.00 $ 179.40
  • Min. 15 Trading Days
  • Max. 15 Lot
  • 95% Profit Split
  • $9.000 Profit Target
  • $5.000 Max. Loss
40% OFF


$499.00 $ 299.40
  • Min. 15 Trading Days
  • Max. 25 Lot
  • 95% Profit Split
  • $15.000 Profit Target
  • $6.000 Max. Loss
05. The evaluation

The process to your account

It couldn't be simpler. Follow these steps to get your capitalized account.

Choose your account! Account models range from $10,000 to $250,000.
Choose your account size
Connect your account to a supported platform and get started right away!
Trading platform
Stick to the few elementary rules and prove that you are a true trader!
Follow our rules
Stick to our rules, reach the target and start the real trading straight away!
Reach your target
After at least 15 trading days you will receive your contract and funded data!
Minimum trading days
Trade your real account and earn real money. Pay it out at any time.
Real trading
06. Trading Platform

Select your platform

Choose your optimal platform from one of the many possible trading platforms. The prerequisite for using another platform is the possible connection with Rithmic. Check the FAQ for detailed instructions on how to connect a trading platform to your account.



Reliability is everything

No one wants to have to trade for 3 months before they can cash out the money they have earned. While other providers pursue it this way, we want to show the utmost respect to our traders and pay out the profits within minutes.


Rules & Guidelines

Follow only a few but necessary trading rules.

Minimum Trading Days

Max lot size
Do not exceed the maximum Lot size

Trailing stop
Manage your risk and do not reach the trailing stop

Trading products
Trade only allowed products of the CME

Hit your profit target
Reach your target and start real trading right away

Trading hours
Trade only in the allowed hours

Start your evaluation nowGet funded