What is Nextproptrader?

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What is Nextproptrader?

We as Nextproptrader are a company that capitalizes prospective or already professional traders. Many traders lack not the ability to trade but the capital to start.

The margin requirements are sometimes relatively high and not even achievable for most traders. For this reason, we have decided to help traders by providing them with the opportunities and capital and clear requirements.

Evaluation is required for successful capitalization. Here we provide you with a simulation account on which you have to trade under certain rules for at least 10 days and reach a profit target. When this is done, you will receive a contract with the conditions. For example, you will receive 95% of the profits made and we will receive a profit share of 5%.

After signing the contract you will already have access to a funded account and you can start trading. It is important to understand that you only have the possibility to place trades on one account. You yourself do not have access to our capital and cannot lose or access it wantonly.

Trading is completely risk-free for you. You are not liable for any losses and you don’t have to compensate any losses, which is a huge advantage for you, because it takes a lot of pressure off. If you reach the maximum loss limit, your access to the account will be revoked and you will be able to qualify for a new account.

The profits you make can be paid out in the form of commission payouts at any time above a threshold.

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